Apple and Cinnamon Jam

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I’m sharing the recipe of my beloved Apple and Cinnamon jam, or “winter in a jar” as I like to call it! Jam making is a dreaded activity, Indians don’t make jams as much as they should and with all the range of fruits and veggies we have available, I think we can make 5 types of jams for each season! The comfort of making your own jam and then waking up and eating it the next morning on your favorite bread with a little butter is ~ out of this world but the process is so overrated! So before you decide to just put off the idea of making your own jam, just read the recipe once and decide for yourself! This jam recipe does not require any complex ingredients, all the ingredients are so easily available and the process is easy too. And I bet, once you make your own jam you will never ever eat that cheap crap available at the supermarkets.

Here goes the recipe, I hope you enjoy it!

apple cinnamon jam


This recipe yields about 650-700 grams of jam. You will need two sterilized jars. To learn about sterilizing jars, click here.

5 Medium Sized Apples or 900 gms Apples

400 gms Sugar

370 ml Water

1 Lemon (Juice and Rind)

1-2 Cloves (optional) for that extra feel of winters

1/3 of a whole Cinnamon stick

I’m a sucker for cinnamon, so I used an extra tsp of cinnamon powder and put that when my apples were done cooking. You can see my beautiful cinnamon through that golden goodness of my jam! This recipe is forgiving and if the ingredients are a little here and there, it won’t matter. I anyway never follow recipes thoroughly, I read them and adjust them to my taste. Like this recipe called for 700 gms of sugar, but who can eat that much? :o I know I can’t. This is a sweet jam, but not one of those crazy super sweet jams that could give you Diabetes!

P.S. I found this recipe on the internet a long time ago, despite my best efforts I can’t seem to locate it now, so if this recipe belongs to you or anyone you know, then please write back. I’ll be happy to credit you!


Step 1: Wash the apples, remove the stalks and only the stalks! Do not peel or remove the core of the apples, that’s what’s going to make your jam, jam-like. Dice the apples (shapes don’t matter) and put in a pan with the lemon juice, lemon rind, cloves (if you’re using it), cinnamon stick and water. Cook until the apples on a low heat until the apples are tender  and reduced to a pulp. After 40 minutes of cooking, when the apples have lost their color and start to look opaque, they’re done.

Step 2: Take the apples off the heat and sieve them to the last drop! In this process, you will sieve out cinnamon, cloves, the core and all the unwanted stuff. What you’re left with is one hell of a pulp.

Step 3: Put the pulp is a heavy bottomed pan and add the sugar (this is when I added the cinnamon powder, you can too, as I said earlier this recipe is very forgiving). Let the sugar melt on low heat. Once the sugar melts and the mixture looks smooth to you (shouldn’t take longer than 3 minutes), bring it to a roaring boil and keep stirring. The jam has to boil for exactly 10 minutes with constant stirring. Do a quick cold plate test. If your jam wrinkles, it is done.

Store in sterilized jars and consume within a month.

Enjoy this sunshine on a toast with butter and tea!

Jar full of sunshine!

I really hope you enjoy making this jam!


Radhika xx


9 thoughts on “Apple and Cinnamon Jam

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  4. It’s my first time at jam making and I Waited the exact 10 minutes after bringing the pulp and sugar mixture to a boil, but while putting in the jar I realised the whole thing was crystallising. When should we take it off the heat?

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