Instant Dark Chocolate Ganache

A couple of days back I did a tutorial on whipped chocolate ganache which was light, fluffy, sweet and was great for an already chocolate-y cake. But if you have a plain Vanilla sponge cake you must try this dark gooey ganache for that touch of goodness. I whipped this ganache to get that thick consistency so that it becomes easier to frost the cake. You can, however, leave it like that and simply drizzle it over for a silky shiny top.


Enough to frost a 6 inch cake (3 layers)

125 gms Dark Chocolate

3 tbsp Heavy Cream

*Heavy Cream normally has about 40% fat content. You can’t find heavy creams in India easily, so you can use Amul Cream that’s available readily. Only add 1 tbsp of butter to up the fat content so that you can whip it easily. I wouldn’t recommend using whipping cream because they tend to be lighter in texture and we’re looking for a denser frosting.


1) Take a pot and fill it water. Let it boil. In a separate bowl, add in the chocolate and put it over the boiling water. Make sure the chocolate is in a big bowl so that the spurts of water don’t enter the bowl. Also make sure that the bottom of the bowl is submerged in water.

chocolate ganache

2) On low heat, melt the chocolate. Once the chocolate has melted take it off the heat and let it cool.

chocolate ganache

3) Add in the cream to the cooled chocolate. If you’re not using heavy cream, make sure to add the melted butter to the cream before adding to the chocolate.

chocolate ganache

4) Mix it and let it cool. If you want the ganache NOW, then take a pan of cold water and add a few ice cubes to it. Submerge the bottom of the chocolate bowl in the ice cold water bowl. This will cool it almost instantly. Touch and see if the ganache has cooled (don’t freeze). Once it has cooled take it out of the ice cold water.

chocolate ganache

5) Ganache is now ready to be used, you can drizzle it over the cakes. However, if you’re looking for a thicker frosting, whip the ganache lightly to achieve the desired consistency.

chocolate ganache

6) Use the ganache to frost the cake! And ENJOY!! 🙂

chocolate ganache

Happy frosting!


Radhika xx


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