Nigella’s Chocolate Loaf Cake

I made this chocolate loaf cake for my childhood best friend who was leaving town to be in Mumbai where she works .. Sadness 😦 I quite honestly wanted to bake her my lemon cake but all she wanted was chocolate! So I researched a bit and found this recipe. This cake was made using Nigella Lawson’s recipe, you can find it here. My cake wasn’t squidgy or extra moist as hers, but my friend loved it. P.S. I blame my oven for that because, as you might know if you’ve been reading my blog, my oven’s display is off and I can’t see a thing! I can’t leave my oven for 2 full days! What am I going to do without it ?!

chocolate loaf

Nigella used boiling water, I used 1 cup strong coffee instead. You can’t really taste the coffee but it helps bring out the chocolate flavor.

chocolate loaf

The chocolate ganache is made using my instant chocolate ganache frosting you can find the recipe here.

chocolate loaf

I decorated my cake with these silver balls, you can however go crazy and using anything you like. Sprinkles, M&M’s or Gems, white chocolate chips or simply dust the cake with cocoa powder or icing sugar.

TIP: Use room temperature eggs, cold eggs won’t mix properly.

Happy baking!


Radhika xx

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