Vanilla Funfetti Milkshake

Perfect summer day drink, this Vanilla Funfetti Milkshake is a perfect thing to start your day with! Funfetti Vanilla Milkshake

Milkshakes are everyone’s favorite, I’m yet to meet someone who wouldn’t like a glass full of milkshake with a cookie! Its great to forget all your worries and feel like a kid again. That’s what a milkshake does to me and the sprinkles only add more joy! The colors will uplift any mood and cheer you up in an instant!

Funfetti Vanilla Milkshake

I’m a bit of an internet nerd. If I’m not in the kitchen baking you will find me on my phone researching something or the other. Pinterest is my absolute favorite these days ! I love how that thing works on it and how you can pin your favorites on your boards. Obviously my biggest collection is of food pictures with a whole lot of cakes, cookies and shakes! I came across a lot of milkshakes on it but picture of a milkshake full of funfetti caught my attention. That blogger did a skinny version of the milkshake but skinny doesn’t cut it for me. If I’m having a milkshake I want to have a real version of it. Skinny milkshakes are like eating tofu, you know its healthy but there’s no flavor and me.. I’m a sucker for flavors! So I went the original old skool way and made my milkshake with all things great. There’s no faulting the taste here!

White Chocolate Sprinkle Blondies

My Vanilla funfetti milkshake goes great with a lot of things from chocolate chip cookies cookies to oreos but my favorite thing to go with this milkshake is my White Chocolate and Sprinkle Blondies. These blondies and my vanilla funfetti milshake is a match made in food heaven, perfect for each other.

Funfetti Vanilla Milkshake

RECIPE: Vanilla Funfetti Milkshake


Time: 10 minutes  Makes: 2 cups or 1 large serving

  • Vanilla Ice cream, 2 scoops
  • Milk, 3/4 cup
  • Seeds from 1 Vanilla Pod
  • Vanilla Essence, 1 teaspoon
  • Pink food color, a few drops (optional)
  • Funfetti Sprinkles


  1. In a blender, blend together vanilla ice cream, milk, vanilla seeds, vanilla essence and pink food color for a few minutes.
  2. Mix in the sprinkles and serve cold!

Decorate by sprinkling a few funfetti sprinkles on top!

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If you’re a sprinkle lover like me and a billion other people in the world.. You should make My White Chocolate and Sprinkle Blondies next!

White Chocolate Sprinkle Blondies


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