Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Pasta

A perfect lunch recipe, this Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Pasta is one hearty meal! It’s easy to make and the taste will melt your heart!

Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Pasta


Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Pasta

Winters are here and all I need is food that is hearty and full of calories. This Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Pasta solves the purpose completely! It’s a really simple pasta dish with pomodoro sauce that’s made with onions,  garlic and tomatoes, and to give it a slight twist I add roasted red peppers to it. The red peppers give away a slight sweetness which goes perfectly with the tartness of the tomatoes. And I make this sauce in a mixture of olive oil and butter so in one word this is – PERFECT. 🙂

Pomodoro sauce is  an Italian classic made in olive oil. You start off by heating oil but I add butter for added taste, then you add garlic and slightly golden it. Once your garlic is slightly golden you add onions and sweat them which basically means cooking them until they’re transparent and almost golden brown. Once your onions are done you add fresh tomato puree to this mixture and boil it for a minute and finally simmer the heat and let it cook for atleast 15 minutes until the sauce is deep red in color. Patience is the key here, the longer you let the tomatoes cook the better your sauce will taste. To add my little twist I add roasted peppers to this sauce. The pepper being sweet balances out the sauce and makes it taste FANTASTIC!!

Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Pasta


RECIPE: Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Pasta

Serves:2     Time: 30-45 minutes


  • Pasta, 2-3 cups (I used conchiglie or shell pasta)
  • Water, 500 ml
  • Olive Oil, 3 tablespoons
  • Butter, 2 tablespoons
  • Garlic, 5-6 cloves, chopped
  • Onions, 1 1/2 bulbs, chopped
  • Tomatoes, 3, pureed (To puree tomatoes simple whizz them in a blender until smooth)
  • Red pepper, 1
  • Italian seasoning, 1-2 teaspoons
  • Salt and pepper, as per taste
  • Parmesan cheese, to sprinkle on top


Boil water with 1 teaspoon of salt and add in the pasta to it. Boil pasta until al dente or just cooked. Make sure it has a bite and is not too soft (Refer to the packet for timing instructions) When you drain the pasta make sure you save a cup of the water. We will use it to make the sauce.

To roast pepper: Slice the bell pepper length wise and line it on a baking tray, skin side down. Drizzle lots of olive oil on it and some salt and pepper. Roast/only top grill on in the oven at 150 degrees for 15 minutes.

In a separate pan, heat olive oil and butter slightly, and add chopped garlic to it. Add in the onions once the garlic is slightly golden in color and sweat them. Cook the onions on low heat until they’re transparent and slightly golden brown. This should take around 8-10 minutes on low heat.

By this time your pepper will be done, the skin will be charred after the 15 minute mark and the flesh will be extra soft. Let the pepper cool down and then peel off the skin. Whizz the pepper in a blender/chopper until it’s really smooth. Keep aside to be used later.

Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Pasta

Next step is to add in the tomato puree to the golden onions and boil this sauce for 30 seconds and then simmer the heat. Let the tomato sauce cook for about 15 minutes or until all the water is gone and it’s deep red in color.

Add in the pepper puree set aside, some pasta water (about 20 ml), salt, Italian seasoning to it and cook until smooth. The sauce will be chunky and rustic, if you like it smooth you can whizz it in a blender. I prefer it chunky!

Add the sauce to the pasta in a pan and cook them together, add some parmesan cheese on top and enjoy hot!

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