Meet Radhika

Hi! I’m Radhika Malhotra and I live in New Delhi, India. I’m a Food Blogger, Amateur Cook and Baker, Recipe Tester/Developer, Aspiring Food Photographer, Foodie and Cookery Show Lover.

Radhika Malhotra

I’ve loved cooking and baking ever since I can remember but I didn’t pursue it seriously until December 2013, when I started this blog. It began as a medium to share recipes that I liked but now its all about trying out new ones that I was otherwise intimidated of. This blog has helped me grow as a baker and a cook and has only made me better! Now its all about testing recipes, tweaking them to only make them better and developing new ones! Its super fun and I enjoy every bit of it.

Apart from blogging and baking, I also love eating!  I’m a big time foodie, although not an adventurous one, I don’t try things that don’t look appetising. I think I may be addicted to carbs and everything fatty because I crave them all the time. Salads are NOT my best friends. Although I’m a girl and the norm is to watch your ‘figure and weight’ , I’m too much in love with cheese and butter to even acknowledge that. I love cookery shows and can watch them 24/7..Nigella Lawson is my absolute favorite.

Another thing that puts a smile on my face every single time, is my dog! He’s a pug, and weirdly so, named Poodle! That bit amuses people! He’s a pug named poodle! :p

Poodle The Pug

That’s about it for now. Why don’t you comment below and introduce yourself! I love connecting with my readers. 🙂

If you’re interested in any sort of collaboration or have any query you can reach me at : Just drop me an email and I will get back to you asap. If it’s recipe related, simply leave a comment below the recipe and I’ll reply there.

You can also connect with me on PinterestInstagramFacebook and Google Plus for regular updates. Click on the links to find me.

Have a great day and keep baking! 🙂


118 thoughts on “Meet Radhika

  1. Dear Radhika,

    Let me start by telling you that your blog is really amazing! Also helpful, because I really read your “How to start up a blog” before creating mine on WordPress 3 days ago. I must say, your recipes are amazing! The food looks so delicious and a special compliment for the wonderful food photography (also on instagram).

    Looking forward to explore more recipes and tips on your blog 🙂

    • Hi Sheenam! Thanks a lot for such a lovely message. I don’t know how I missed it!! So sorry for that! But I’m so glad I could help you with creating your own food blog 🙂 Thanks a lot! I really appreciate all the kind words!

  2. Hi Radhika the pics in your blog look amazing I am yet to read through your posts and try the recipes, I came across your blog while through the comments on a post by thedessertedgirl.

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