The Liebstar Award!


Less than a week in operation and a Liebstar Award winner..I feel on top of the world! 😀 It’s great when you see people acknowledge your hard work!

I’m really new to the blog world and didn’t have any idea what the Liebstar Award was! After a little research I found out that, It is an award given from bloggers to their fellow upcoming blogs, basically an attempt to ‘Discover New Blogs’ . My award presenter, Haley from If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen was kind enough to give it to me. You must check out Haley’s blog, her recipes are inspiring and she takes amazing pictures! I’m glad that I found her blog. Thank you for the award Haley! 🙂

So  my lovely nominees, The rules are as follows…

  1. Answer 10 questions given to you by the blogger from which you were nominated.
  2. Share 10 random facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 3-11 up and coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.
  4. Generate 10 questions to be answered by those we nominate.
  5. Post a link back to the presenter of the award in the post.
  6. Contact your nominees to let them know the news.

Answers to 10 Questions given to me:

  1. What is the meaning behind your blog name and where did it come from?   —-  Sugar ‘n’ Spice by Radhika is quite a self explanatory name. Sugar and spices are essential to my cooking and are at the very core of passion! I Couldn’t have done anything without them, hence, the name Sugar ‘n’ Spice!:)
  2. What is your first memory?  —- My first ‘cooking’ memory  is of being in the kitchen with my mum. She would give me a tiny rolling pin and tinier dough ball, and I would try and imitate her to make perfectly round rotis!
  3. Dogs or cats?  —- Dogs! Anyday.. I have a dog and I love him to death. I’ve never ever had a cat to really know what they’re like.
  4. Favorite meal? —- My favorite meal really depends on may factors, from the time of the day to the month of the year! Right now, I would love nothing more than Grilled Chicken, Cheese and Potatoes.
  5. Favorite thing to do to relax? And, ahem, keep it clean, people… —- I’m a HUGE tv buff! I watch just about any tv show to unwind.
  6. Pet peeve? —- Know it alls really get on my nerves.
  7. House to yourself, what do you do?  —- I BAKE! Nothing better than baking when you’re alone! Or I sleep!
  8. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?  Invisibility. I’m going to keep the reason to myself :p
  9. Favorite quote or piece of advice?  –—What you’ve been asking for is on its way to you, just stay in the vibe!

  10. On a rainy day would you rather watch movies or play cards/board games? –— Movies, with a cup of tea.

10 Random Facts about me:

  1. I love tea over coffee.
  2. I love watching pictures of food. I know its creepy but if you’re a food blogger, a good picture will definitely make me your fan.
  3. I ALWAYS follow rules. In the cooking world, recipes are rules so I follow them and sometimes, I’m so adamant that I irritate people around me.
  4. I’m scared of reptiles, cockroaches, basically anything that creeps.
  5. Lemon cakes are my favorite. I HATE FONDANT CAKES. They look pretty but ruin the taste, I’d prefer a fresh fruit cake instead.
  6. I love crafty, creative activities. DIY fanatic. I also love dancing.
  7. Julie and Julia-the movie, melts my heart!
  8. I do not believe in superstitions. I’m a curious person by nature and like to question everything.
  9. I’m the agony aunt among my friends, The Problem Solver.
  10. For me, everything has to symmetrical or I cannot concentrate. OCD, maybe?

This is a chain award and we’re supposed to pass it on, I am nominating the following blogs…

  1. Churros ‘n’ Chai–  Two things from two different parts of the world.The name was very intriguing which made me want to read the blog. Michelle, has done a fantastic job. Her pictures are really professional and the recipes are great. This blog is actually my favorite.
  2. Sweet Mayberry– By Vanessa, this blog is really great if you’re looking for heartwarming foods.
  3. My Gas Stove– This is a food blog (I love food blogs, that’s all I read). I love her take on recipes and her tagline. Food, life and then some more food, my kinds gal! 😀
  4. Confessions of a Frosting Fanatic– If you’re looking for frosting recipes then this is where you should go!
  5. A Taste of Sri Lankan Cuisine– I had Sri Lankan food once and absolutely loved it. Ahila’s blog is my place to go when I want to make something Sri Lankan.
  6. Food and Everything Else– Great pictures and amazing recipes! This blog is absolutely amazing and I can just look at it for hours!
  7. Honk If You’re Vegan– Complete VEGAN HEAVEN! You must check out this blog for amazing posts.
  8. Brown Paper Belle– Ideally we are required to nominate blogs with less than 200 followers, I have no clue how many followers this blog has but I’m one of them. This Food/DIY/Gardening blog is great and since I’m a sucker for great pictures, this blogs ticks that box too!
  9. Fashion, Food and Flirts– Quite an interesting name and the blog is really interesting too with posts full of ‘Beautiful clothes, delicious food and handsome men’. Now, Who wouldn’t love reading about all those? 😉

Congratulations all the bloggers, please answer the same questions I have and post them on your blog, look at the rules above. Pass it on and nominate others!


Radhika xx