The Art of Fine Slicing with Victorinox at Cha Bar, CP

Victorinox at Cha Bar

About Victorinox

For over 130 years Victorinox has been the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife. The company, founded by cutler and businessman Karl Elsener, forged an impressive reputation over the decades for quality through perseverance and continued growth. Today, in addition to the Swiss Army Knife and cutlery, Victorinox offers timepieces, travel gear and fashionable clothing, while maintaining the commitment to excellence that put their knives in the hands of adventurers the world over.
Victorinox aims to “provide customers around the world with functional and practical high-quality products at affordable prices.” Despite Victorinox’s international footprint, the pioneering spirit and values of the company’s founder are alive and well via the Elsener family’s continued involvement with the company. In 2008 their environmentally friendly policies were honoured with an award by the Swiss Foundation for Environmental Protection.

 Cha Bar Connaught Place hosted a special session on mastering the fine artistry of slicing and dicing with Victorinox’s advanced range of knives on July 26th at the Oxford Bookstore Connaught Place. The event witnessed senior Chefs from The Park, New Delhi, hosting a fun-filled workshop where they  showcased the cutting techniques of slicing, chopping, dicing and mincing using Victorinox kitchen knives. The techniques were demonstrated on various fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Victorinox at Cha Bar

Like every other food fanatic or should I say cooking fanatic, I too have lots of kitchen products on my “Lust” list. This “Lust” list has all the products that I want in my kitchen..from a Kitchen Aid mixer to a Kaff built in oven..that list is endless. A Victorinox knife was one of them, but not anymore because now I OWN one 😀 and know how to use one, thanks to the fun session organized by Victorinox at Cha Bar, CP, New Delhi.

Victorinox at Cha Bar

Although I love cooking, I’ve never quite figured out the purpose behind each knife. Thanks to the Victorinox’s Art of Fine Slicing session I now know what knife to use for carving and for to cutting my veggies. Just so you know, I’ve used a carving knife for cutting veggies plenty of times (like most of you) and would blame the knife when it won’t cut properly..haha.. thankfully that won’t happen now! Head Chefs at Hotel Park New Delhi taught me not to do that..They also shared a lovely trick of cutting onions which I will share with you all later!

Victorinox at Cha Bar

Like most of you, I used to think why buy such a fancy knife for chopping when I can get a cheap one at every supermarket. Victorinox knife was considered a luxury, something I could do without, but I think it’s time that I take that back because after using a Victorinox knife there’s no going back. Cutting tomatoes (which have a tendency to fall apart or squash when chopping) was like cutting through butter..effortless! Yes they’re pricey but so is a Kitchen Aid Mixer or a Kaff Built-in Oven. That price seems justified when you actually use their knifes. It doesn’t seem like a luxury anymore to me..It’s more like a necessity really. ❤

Victorinoc Knife

Quite honestly, I don’t think I’ve cut a better tomato IN MY LIFE..Look at how that tomato still holds shape. The knife was so sharp that the tomato stood no chance 😀 One product ticked off my lust life!

Victorinox at Cha Bar

I highly recommend using Victorinox knives for your everyday kitchen work. If you’re in New Delhi you can buy Victorinox knives from these stores. You will not go back, I promise.

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