Q: Are you a trained chef?

A: No, I’m an amateur cook with no training whatsoever, however, I have been cooking and baking for almost 10 years now. I have taken a few workshops in baking but I find learning from the internet more effective.

Q: Are these recipes yours?

A: No, not all of them. I’m not a full fledged recipe developer yet, so I try recipes that I find on the internet or recipe books. If I like them, I share them on my blog. I do however make a few changes in case I don’t find the ingredients listed on the original recipe. Occasionally, I come up new recipes that have been developed by me. If a recipe is mine then it will say so, if not then I always make it a point to post the link to the original one and credit the cook/chef.

Q: Have you tried all the recipes posted on your blog?

A: Yes, ALL OF THEM. I never post any recipe without first trying it myself, if I make something and it doesn’t come out the way I desired it to be then I don’t post it because I do not want my readers to waste their time and money. In that way, I’m your food shield, if the recipe is good you can read it, make it and enjoy it, if not the you’re totally protected 😉

Q: Are the pictures yours?

A: Yes, again ALL OF THEM. If not, then the picture will have credits mentioned below them. I click the pictures when I try the recipes myself.

Q: Is this this blog your profession?

A: No, I do it for fun. Although, I wouldn’t mind making it my full time profession when I start getting paid for it.


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