Chocolate Fondue with 6 Dipping Ideas and A GIVEAWAY!

Rich and decadent chocolate fondue or chocolate fountain as we all know it, with  6 easily available dipping ideas. This dessert is perfect for sharing and is made in no time! Don’t stress if you don’t have a fondue set to serve it..because I’m GIVING AWAY ONE FONDUE SET at the end of this post! 😀

Chocolate Fondue with 6 dipping Ideas

It was time that I finally organized a giveaway on my blog quite simply to thank my readers for sticking by me ! This is my first giveaway and I’m super excited for it. I didn’t want to give my readers just about anything I came across but I wanted to give you something that would be cherished by you all! What I’m giving you is not a product but a fun experience..a fun time with friends & family- I’m giving away this ever so gorgeous Fondue set by Urban Dazzle.

Chocolate Fondue with 6 dipping Ideas

Urban Dazzle is India’s leading online home if you’re looking to buy international quality products from the comfort of your home, Urban Dazzle is the place to go. I first viewed their profile on Instagram and I can proudly say I’m a fan now- this coming from a person who has looked up every online home store there is, in India. Their products speak for themselves and will lure you in, but their prices will keep you loyal..You will be amazed to receive such high quality products at those prices. I thought the biggest advantage of shopping here, at least for the youth of this country, is that Urban Dazzle’s  product line is very new and contemporary.. perfect for our generation! We love to bake, we love to present our food the way Nigella Lawson does but we simply don’t have the means..but not anymore, Urban Dazzle brings to you all the products that you can even remotely dream off.. Like I said before- I’m a FAN now..! They were also very generous when I spoke to them about sponsoring a giveaway for my readers- guess they want every Indian kitchen to DAZZLE now and with such pretty products I’m sure they will.

They sponsored this very beautiful fondue set for you all and I’m convinced now that it is one thing everyone must have..especially if you like entertaining a lot of guests and love to share! Its also great for people who want a  fuss free dessert but not at the cost of looking any less fancy! I thought I’d do an easy fondue recipe to go with it. This chocolate fondue or a thick chocolate sauce is so easy to make and all you really need is to heat up a few things and serve- yes as easy as that. It tastes like heaven..that rich fondue is perfect to dip fresh fruits in..I did kiwi, bananas and mangoes..but if strawberries are in season where you live then try that too. Just make sure you make plenty of it because it WILL BE polished off in a matter of minutes. 😀 My job is to warn you–so I am.. haha.

Chocolate Fondue with 6 dipping Ideas Chocolate Fondue with 6 dipping Ideas

RECIPE: Chocolate Fondue with 6 Dipping Ideas

Makes: 1 large pot       Time: 10 minutes


For the Fondue
  • Dark Chocolate, 150 grams
  • Cream, 200 ml (I used Amul)
  • Milk, 1/4 cup (optional; use only if your fondue feels stiff)
  • Salt, a pinch
  • Vanilla Pod or Vanilla Essence, 1 pod/1 teaspoon


Baileys, 1 tablespoon OR Cinnamon powder, 1 teaspoon OR Orange Zest, from 1 orange

For dipping
  • Kiwi fruit, chopped in large chunks
  • Banana, chopped in large chunks
  • Mango, chopped in large chunks
  • Marshmallows
  • Mini Pretzels
  • Any Cake, cut up in chunks

You can use just about any of these dippables, all or could also go for croissants, just roughly tear them up and serve. 


Heat cream over low heat. Once its hot and steaming, add in the chopped chocolate and whisk until the chocolate melts and is completely incorporated with the cream. Now add in contents from 1 vanilla pod or 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence. Transfer the fondue to a bowl and serve with the dippables immediately. (If you’re using the optional flavorings, make sure to skip the vanilla and add it in its place.)

You will have to reheat the fondue once its cold, it will thicken up so add in a little more cream to make it silky smooth again. If you have a fondue set, this shouldn’t be a problem because you can keep a tea light at the bottom plate which will keep the fondue warm.

This recipe has been adapted from

Now the fun part..the GIVEAWAY..I’m giving away 1 Fondue set on my Facebook Page and my Instagram page. Simply follow these simple rules and win this beautiful, super fun and USEFUL (must add) Fondue set! Perfect for entertaining guests.

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